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Magic Show Formats

Dave Shepherd performs magic in several different formats suitable for a wide variety of events. A performance in any format can be customized to suit your needs.

Close-Up Magic

Dave's specialty is close-up conjuring for elegant events. This is magic performed just a few feet or even inches away from the audience, for small groups, with the full participation of the audience. Your guests will be directly involved as co-creators of magical dreams.

  • Strolling magic is performed throughout your party or reception for small groups of two to six people at a time. Strolling magic can provide some of the most direct and personal of magical experiences, yet it will not dominate or overwhelm your cocktail hour. When performing strolling close-up, Dave blends into your party to create a magical interaction with your guests. Strolling magic is most appropriate for an event with 50 or more guests.

  • Formal close-up magic is more appropriate for a more intimate gathering, such as a dinner party or smaller event where the guests are seated. With a card table as a stage, and one or two audience members assisting at the table, Dave will lead your guests on an elegant exploration of the imagination that will make your event remembered for a long time.

  • Restaurant magic brings to a restaurant the entertainment advantages of strolling magic. Without dominating the entire room, table-side close-up magic gives patrons a strong, personal, and direct entertainment experience. Close-up magic is a proven traffic builder that adds an elegant cachet to any dining experience.

    Dave's performances have been enjoyed by diners at many of the Washington, DC area's fine restaurants.

Magic on Stage

Dave's stage show, "A Voyage of the Imagination," is an unforgettable featured entertainment for an audience numbering from 30 into the hundreds. This show is perfect for banquets, dinner or luncheon meetings, college entertainment presentations, corporate events, schools, and other larger gatherings. The performance can be presented on a small platform or a large stage. It is self-contained; no special stage equipment is needed beyond general stage lighting and sound reinforcement.

Bilingual Magic / Zweisprachige Zauberkunst

Dave Shepherd's performances are available in both English and German, in both stage and close-up formats.

Dave Shepherd zaubert nicht nur auf Englisch, sondern auch auf Deutsch. Das gilt sowohl den Bühnen- als auch den Closeup-Vorstellungen.

Children's Magic

Dave is not only an experienced children's entertainer--he is also a teacher. His children's performances are ideal for audiences between the ages of 6 and 11. Just as in his adult shows, Dave seeks to empower his children's audiences to be co-creators of the magical experience. His performances will fool you, surprise you, and make you laugh.

photos: Richard Ceasar (top), Fredde Lieberman (bottom)

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