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What people are saying...

...about Dave Shepherd's magic:
  • "One of our party guests said, 'He is the best close-up magician I have ever seen!' People were still talking about it when they left after midnight."--Julie Holm, Vienna, VA

  • "Dave's magic was a wonderful experience. It happened right in our faces, and we just stood there and said, 'No way! How'd he do that?'"--Jan Miller, ChildHelp USA, Potomac Falls, VA

  • "I watched it as closely as I possibly could, and I saw you do what you did, but I don't know how you did it! Did you see that? I am speechless!"--Ed Mentz, Evening in Reston, Comcast Cable Television, Reston, VA

  • "Dave's bi-lingual (German-English) magic made everyone comfortable... This was a perfect addition to our wedding reception! We absolutely loved the whole performance."--Patrick Hamm and Ines Arlt, Sunnyside, NY

  • "Dave Shepherd's magic really added a unique touch to our wedding. When our guests tell stories about our wedding reception, they remind each other by saying, 'Remember? The one with the magician?' That really sets us apart in a good way."--Jennifer Abbott Attillis, South Riding, VA

  • "I want to thank you for playing a major role in making this Bastille Day Celebration the most exciting yet. Your talents were really a hit with guests celebrating inside the restaurant."--Shannon Martin, Brotman-Winter-Fried Communications, Washington, DC

  • "Our product promotion utilized magicians to attract attention, support sampling, drive key selling points and generate consumer trial of the product. Dave carried himself with utmost professionalism and reliability throughout the program. His magical skills are undeniable."--John Roush, Geronimo Promotional Marketing, Mequon, WI

photos: Fredde Lieberman (top, bottom right), Richard Ceasar (bottom left)

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