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Dave's Suggested Magic Books for Beginners


Magic for Dummies®

If you are an adult or teenager interested in a good general introduction to magic, you will like this offering from the "Dummies" series. I am not overly fond of the title (I believe the effective performance of magic takes thought and patience), but I understand that it is a book in a series. In fact, I have bought several other "Dummies" books.

This book contains some fantastic tricks by some of the biggest names in magic. Highly recommended as an introductory book for adults and teens.


Mark Wilson's Cyclopedia of Magic

This book, a good introduction for anybody about 9 years old or older, carries the byline of my first magical hero. If you were born in the 1950s, you might remember a Saturday morning television show in the early 1960s called The Magic Land of Allakazam. Mark Wilson and his wife Nani produced a magic show for kids on the CBS network. He had a new show each and every week, and thus used up a lot of magical material!

This book is a paperback version of a larger book of Wilson's magic, ghost-written by the great magic writer Walter Gibson. It teaches basic tricks in all areas of magic, from close-up to stage illusions. This book is widely used by magic teachers as a basic beginning text.

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